Research mapping

The first goal of JPND was to establish a joint Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) to guide research activity and investment over the coming decade.

To underpin development of the JPND SRA and ensure that the recommendations made paid due consideration to the existing research landscape, an exercise to map national and European research and infrastructure relevant to neurodegenerative diseases (ND) was conducted.

The primary aim of this exercise was to give an objective view of the scale and scope of research activity in ND amongst JPND member countries. This information was used to identify gaps and opportunities JPND could build upon and clarify medium to long-term research needs, objectives and priorities. The data collected also provides a baseline for monitoring spend on ND research activity and resources relevant to ND across Europe.

The parameters and specifications for the mapping exercise were designed in conjunction with the JPND Scientific Advisory Board to ensure that the data captured would be useful to both JPND and researchers working in the field. The parameters and specifications of what was included in the survey can be found by clicking here.

2011 mapping exercise

A report summarising and analysing the data captured during the 2011 mapping exercise can be found here.

A brief summary of the information can also be found in Annex 2 of the JPND Research Strategy.

It is proposed that for comparative purposes a repeat mapping exercise for research programmes or grants will be conducted in 2014.

Searchable database

The secondary aim of the mapping exercise was to provide an updateable, publically accessible, database as a resource for the scientific community and other interested parties. The resource is available through the JPND website at: