The three Dementia Challenge Champion Groups have written brief reports detailing their progress during the past year.

These reports feature in a letter to the UK Prime Minister which also reiterates achievements since the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge was launched 2 years ago and describes the Champion Groups’ ambitions for the third year of the dementia challenge.

To recap, the challenge’s three champion groups comprise:

  1. The Dementia Health and Care Champion Group: co-chaired by: Sir Ian Carruthers (NHS South West) and Sarah Pickup (ADASS).
  2. The Dementia Friendly Communities Champion Group: co-chaired by: Jeremy Hughes (Alzheimer’s Society) and Angela Rippon.
  3. The Research Champion Group: led by the Ministerial Advisory Group on Dementia Research (MAGDR) and co-chaired by Dame Sally C. Davies and Professor Patrick Maxwell.