JPND Management Board

The Management Board is the JPND decision-making body.  It is composed of a (non-voting) Chair and Vice-Chair and a maximum of 2 representatives of each member country participating in JPND.  Each participating country has 1 vote at the Management Board.

There are currently 30 member countries participating in JPND, including three Third Country members (non-voting).

  • The Chair is Professor Philippe Amouyel, INSERM, France
  • The Vice-Chair is Professor Adriana Maggi, Director, Centre of Excellence on Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Milan, Italy

Management Board members

Country Name Organisation
Albania Mentor Petrela UHC “Mother Tereza”
Australia Prue Torrance Research Quality & Priorities, National Health and Medical Research Council
Australia Adam Chapman Priorities and International Engagement, National Health and Medical Research Council
Austria Oliver Mayer Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
Dept. of Basic Research & Research
Austria Hemma Bauer Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
Dept. of Basic Research & Research
Belgium Kathleen D’Hondt Department of Economy, Science & Innovation
Belgium Jolien Roovers Department of Economy, Science & Innovation
Bulgaria Latchezar Traykov Medical University, Department of Neurology
Bulgaria Shima Mehrabian-Spassova Medical University, Department of Neurology
Canada Jane Rylett Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Canada Samuel Weiss Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Croatia Dinko Mitrecic University of Zagreb
Czech Republic Daniel Hanspach Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Department of Research and Development
Unit for European Research Area
Denmark Mogens Horder InnovationsFonden
Finland Sirpa Nuotio Academy of Finland
Finland Päivi Lindfors Academy of Finland Heath Research Unit
France Philippe Amouyel French Foundation of Scientific cooperation in Alzheimer
France Dominique Dunon Bluteau French National Research Agency (ANR)
France Etienne Hirsch Multi-Body Subject-Specific Institutes “Neurosciences, cognitive sciences, Neurology, Psychiatry”
Germany Marlies Dorlochter DLR Project Management Agency
Germany Judith Reichel BMBF Division of Health Research, Neuroscience section
Hungary Tamas Attila Kiss National Innovation Office
Hungary Klara Horvath National Research, Development and Innovation Office
Ireland Caitriona Creely Health Research Board
Ireland Maria Nash Science Foundation Ireland
Israel Avi Israeli Israel Ministry of Health
Italy Adriana Maggi Center of excellence on Neuro. Deg Diseases. University of Milan
Italy Fabrizio Tagliavini Istituto Neurologico “Carlo Besta”
Italy Aldo Covello MIUR
Luxembourg Sean Sapcariu Fonds National de la Recherche
Netherlands Jacqueline Hoogendam Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Netherlands Cule Cuci ZonMw
Norway Mari Nes The Research Council of Norway
Norway Maiken Engelstad Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care services
Poland Urszula Wojda International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
Poland Tadeusz Bednarczyk Ministry of Science and Higher Education


Ricardo Pereira

Marta Abrantes

Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)

Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)

Romania Ioana Ispas Ministry of National Education
Slovak Republic Eva Kontseková Institute of Neuroimmunology, The Slovak Academy of Sceinces
Slovak Republic Lubica Pitlova Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
Slovenia Zvezdan Pirtosek Neurological clinic – University Medical Center in Ljubljana
Slovenia Peter Volasko Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology
Spain Gonzalo Arevalo Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Spain Marta Gómez Quintanilla Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)
Sweden Richard Andersson Swedish Research Council
Sweden Tove Hammarberg FORTE
Switzerland Irene Knüsel Swiss National Science Foundation
Turkey Gaye Çetinkaya Campari The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey – Tübitak
United Kingdom Joanna Latimer Medical Research Council
United Kingdom Catherine Moody Medical Research Council