Name of resource (including any acronym)


Name of Principal Investigator
Title Professor
First name Jean-Michel
Last name CLAVERIE
Address of institution where award is held
Institution CNRS – UPR2589
Street Address Parc Scientifique de Luminy – 163 Avenue de Luminy – Case 934
City Marseille
Postcode FR- 13288
  • France
  • Website link with details of how to contact the resource

    Purpose of the resource
    1. The resource is
  • General (e.g. DNA sequence, proteomic data)
  • 2. The resource specifically provides for the following neurodegenerative diseases
  • None
  • 3a. The resource is accessible to the research community


    3b. Procedures and rules for access
  • Access through collaboration with PI only
  • International access
  • Access to industry
  • 5a. Maintenance of the resource is dependent on continued funding


    5b. End date of current funding period


    5c. Plans to secure further funding beyond this period
    5d. Expected lifespan of the resource (in years)

    no limit if well maintained

    5e. Other plans affecting future use

    Acceleration of computation using a grid/cloud computing model

    Types: Bio/Neuroinformatic Resources
    Member States: N/A
    Diseases: N/A
    Years: 2011
    Database Categories: N/A
    Database Tags: N/A

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