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The Healthy and Degenerating Neuron

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Professor Jean Manson University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
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Institution The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
Street Address Easter Bush, Midlothian
City Edinburgh, Scotland
Postcode EH25 9RG

United Kingdom

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Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

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Prion disease

Research abstract in English

We aim to use our extensive experience in TSEs to characterise the healthy and degenerating neuron, establish how homeostasis is maintained, and identify specific defects that occur as the cell begins to age. We aim to use TSE models to study the early events and late events of neurodegeneration in the CNS. Understanding such mechanisms may be of significance in all neurodegenerative disease and identify potential strategies for intervention to block the neurodegenerative process. The objectives of this theme are: To determine the normal function of PrP. To define the mechanisms of neurodegeneration. To identify and quantify changes in CNS and FDC gene expression related to TSE disease progression. Identify and quantify similarities and differences in disease associated changes between scrapie susceptible and resistant sheep. To study cellular maintenance and homeostasis in the presence of misfolded protein. To examine mechanisms of neurogenesis and application to disease prevention.

Lay summary

Types: Investments > €500k
Member States: United Kingdom
Diseases: Prion disease
Years: 2011
Database Categories: N/A
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