Title of COE
Title of PI Cerebral imagery and neurologic handicap, Inserm 825
Mission of COE

Focus 1 : Development of neuroimaging tools for clinical, cognitive brain research and ultimately clinical practice used: Imaging markers of brain macrostructural and microstructural alterations and connectivity and Imaging markers of brain dysfunction and therapeutic efficiency
– Implementation of a multimodal imaging approach based on anatomical MRI, DTI, iron-MRI and connectivity measures in patient and aged controls.
– Development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals probes coupled with sensitive image analysis tools such as independent component analysis and support vector methods for assessing kinetic uptake in patients, as well as to develop clinically-effective MRSI and MR contrast agents.

Title Professor
First name Pierre
Last name Celsis
COE Principal Investigators
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Professor Pierre Celsis
Research Director Demonet
Address of institution where award is held
Street Address CHU Purpan
City Toulouse
Postcode 31059
  • France
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    If it has specific relevance to a neurodegenerative disease please select up to three of the following
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
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