Title of COE
Title of PI Roslin Institute (Neuropathogenesis
Mission of COE

The Roslin Institute’s mission is to gain fundamental understanding of genetic, cellular, organ and systems bioscience underpinning common mechanisms of animal development and pathology, and to drive this into prevention and treatment of important veterinary diseases and develop sustainable farm animal production systems

Title Professor
First name David
Last name Hume
COE Principal Investigators
Title First name Last name
Dr Rona Baron
Dr Andrew Gill
Dr Wilfred Goldmann
Professor Nora Hunter
Dr Neil Mabbott
Professor Jean Manson
Address of institution where award is held
Institution The Roslin Institute
Street Address Roslin Biocentre
City Roslin
Postcode EH25 9PS
  • United Kingdom
  • Date that the CoE was established


    If it has specific relevance to a neurodegenerative disease please select up to three of the following
  • Prion disease
  • Funding sources
    1 BBSRC
    2 FSA
    3 Defra
    4 MRC
    5 DH
    Start date for current core award


    Duration of current core award (months)


    Funding amount of current core award (Euro)
    Website address


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    Member States: N/A
    Diseases: N/A
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