Closed Calls

This section contains information on previous Calls for proposals that were launched under the JPND Annual Calls for proposals aimed at supporting transnational collaborations in the field of neurodegenerative disease research. Click on the linked text below for more information on these calls and the successfully-funded projects.


“A call for multi-national research projects on health and social care for neurodegenerative diseases”


“A call for multinational research projects for pathway analysis across neurodegenerative diseases”


“Harmonisation and Alignment in Brain Imaging Methods for Neurodegeneration”


“A call for European research projects on neurodegenerative diseases: risk and protective factors, longitudinal cohort approaches and advanced experimental models” (co-funded call with European Commission)


“A call for proposals for Working Groups to Inform Cohort Studies in Neurodegenerative Disease Research”


“A call for European research projects for cross-disease analysis of pathways related to neurodegenerative diseases”

“A call for European research projects for pilot studies for preventive strategies related to neurodegenerative diseases”


“A call for European research projects for the identification of genetic, epigenetic and environmental risk and protective factors”

“A call for European research projects for the evaluation of health care policies, strategies and interventions”


Pilot JPND Joint Transnational Call for optimisation of biomarkers and harmonisation of their use